How to register account and subscribe a plan – Prediction System

How to register account and subscribe a plan

The Prediction System is a platform that allows customers to view predictions of matches around the world. Every day we make reviews and all are statistically to ensure the interests of customers. Here are instructions for you to sign up for an account and subscribe a plan.




How to sign up for an account

When you sign up for an account, you’ll gain access to the Prediction Area ( Premium in the Menu). To register for an account at Prediction System, you need to follow the instructions below.

Go to Account -> Select Register


Choose a plan

Signing up for a plan will get you access to the Premium Site, where the predictable activities take place. After you have an account, go to Pricing or Subscription to choose Plan, there are 3 packages:

  • Starter Plan: Cost per day
  • Ultra Plan: Cost per week
  • Premium Plan: Cost per month
  • Or you can choose Free Plan to sign up



Fill in the required information

After clicking register, you can fill in the information to proceed to login account.


Proceed with payment

Currently we only support Paypal payment gateway, you will proceed with payment on Website After 3-5 minutes, you check the Order section, when the order has changed to the Completed part, it means that you have paid successfully and can access the Premium Site.

At the Premium Site, at 00:00 GMT + 0 there will be a link for the next day attached, this link will exist for 24 hours so you have time to make predictions.


Introduce other sections in account management

Order Section

These are the plans you signed up for, along with the plan’s expiration date and billing status. Based on that, you will know when the account will expire.


Transactions Section

Similar to Transaction Order, when you make the payment, it will be recorded in the payment history section for you to compare later.


Subscription Section

You can see information about the Plan you are currently registered for here


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