How to use Prediction System – Ultimate Guide – Prediction System

How to use Prediction System – Ultimate Guide

Prediction System is a membership site for soccer prediction. A place where users sign up for the plan to gain access to the Premium Site where predictive activities take place

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At 00:00 GMT +0 this link will change to the result link for the next day. When you click the link, you will get access to a prediction of the results.


One special thing is that you can fully interact automatically, you can choose the filter date, country and tournament to get the results you want.

Introduction of pages in prediction section

Page Hello

This is the opening page of the prediction, you can press the page switch to go to the next page.


Page Dashboard

This is where you can see the change in win rate, this is the foundation for us to implement the refund policy. You can filter the dates to see the odds of winning over a period of time.

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Page Country and Tournament

This is where we calculate the odds of winning by country and tournament. You can combine tournaments and countries with a high win rate together to increase the odds of winning


Page Prediction

This is the most important area, every day here you will see our accurate score predictions. You can select from the filters above to find your favorite league and country. Here you will see time, country, league, prediction and exact score.


Page Results 

After each day, we will update the matches here, you can see our actual results and scores.


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